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A cherry cake cone kind of feeling

A collaboration with installation artist Myleka Bevans, 2021

Photos by Eric Edvalson

Show Statement:

Myleka and I use drastically different mediums at drastically different scales in our art practices, but we both build fantastical scenes as a means of coping with personal trauma and inviting whimsy and cheer into our lives. So, when we talked about having a show together, the idea easily fell into place.


Myleka’s beautiful cherry cloud installation invites viewers into a fantasy picnic scene of childlike wonderment and delicate detail. The work evokes a sense longing and nostalgia. In 2016, Myleka's premature daughter, Bridget, died at only 5 days old. Her work examines her own grief and that of others experiencing loss. This installation represents the way Myleka imagines Bridget, her personality, the things she would love, and the things she would say.


I created eighty 8.5" x 8.5" collages for our show--little daydreams that combine my childhood memories with imaginary interactions and recent lived experience. In my work I attempt to reconcile my anxieties and fears by augmenting my reality with fantasy. I want people to see themselves and their memories reflected in my work and leave feeling thoughtful and happy.


A cherry cake cone kind of feeling is about finding empathy for ourselves and others through imagination and connection: learning not to feel alone. We hope our show instills a feeling of comfort in and empathy for viewers suffering with mental health problems, loss of a loved one, and any other difficulties. Nobody is alone in their anxiety or grief.

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