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Februllage 2021

From Kolaj Magazine: "'Februllage' is an open submission project, a collaboration between Edinburgh Collage Collective and the Scandinavian Collage Museum. “Februllage” invites collage artists to make a collage a day throughout the month of February using their official Word Prompt Calendar. Participating artists are asked to set their own goals, whether they choose to make a collage a day or twice a week. The organizers invite artists to either tag them in or to use the tag #februllage so they can showcase the works with daily uploads."

You can follow along and see hundreds of incredible artworks @februllage and #februllage on Instagram. Here's a selection of my submissions:
Day 13_ Zebra_edited.png
Day 9_ Leaves_edited.png
Day 11_ Aeroplane_edited.png
Day 18_ Canary Bird_edited_edited.png
Day 1_ Butterflies_edited_edited.png
img_084 2_edited.png
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